According to data provided by cryptocurrency derivatives company Skew, Bitcoin options transactions offered by the Chicago-based CME Group now account for almost 25% of the entire market.

In terms of demand, CME is in second place after Deribit, which is not subject to regulation.

Deribit still accounts for 68% of the cake, and Ethereum and Bitcoin options, which are worth $ 1 billion next week, will expire.

CME’s Option Trades Show Ten Times of Growth

CME launched options transactions on Bitcoin futures on January 13.

After remaining below the desired level for four months, there has been more than a 10-fold increase in total open interest in CME’s option transactions since mid-May.

Coupled with the rapidly growing volume, it shows that there is a high demand for Bitcoin option transactions among institutional investors.

Bakkt remained in the classroom

Meanwhile, Bitcoin options transactions offered by ICE subsidiary Bakkt are almost uninteresting, although they were released a month earlier than CME’s product.

After dropping to zero in late January, it can be said that the number of Bitcoin option transactions listed in Bakkt is still in place.

For comparison, LedgerX, another provider of crypto currency derivatives that were open to the public last year, takes 3% of the open interest.


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