CoinMarketCap allows enthusiasts to learn more about a crypto asset; In doing so, it launched CoinMarketCap Earn, a platform where it can earn crypto rewards.

CoinMarketCap Earn allows CoinMarketCap users to earn cryptocurrency by watching educational videos and completing tests on these assets.

According to the official announcement of the site, all you need to have is a crypto learning enthusiasm and a CoinMarketCap account.

How can you join CoinMarketCap Earn?

Step 1: Create account and enter CoinMarketCap Earn. Then you can see which training campaigns are currently available.

Each training process will continue over a period of eight days, and each CMC user who successfully completes a test on the crypto asset will receive a predetermined amount of that asset. This will allow you not only to get information about the crypto asset, but to actually interact.

Step 2: Choose a campaign

The first cryptocurrency to launch an education campaign is Band Protocol , a data oracle that provides the link between real-world data and APIs and smart contracts .

After selecting a campaign, you will be shown a few short videos about that crypto asset. It is recommended that you follow them to the end because they are stated to contain important information that will come out in the test.

Step 3: Collect your crypto rewards with your new knowledge

At this stage, tests are carried out on the crypto asset in question. The exam can only be taken once, so make sure you are ready.

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The crypto revolution

CoinMarketCap is making moves that support its goal of showcasing the crypto revolution at every step by providing a platform to educate its users about crypto assets. According to the official announcement, in the future, CoinMarketCap Earn will also add new crypto projects with more videos and quizzes. If there is a crypto project you want to see on CoinMarketCap Earn, you can comment on the blog post on the platform .

You can discover CoinMarketCap Earn here .


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