It has been claimed that there will be a total of 5 different color options in the new iMac series, where Apple will make significant changes on the design side. Thus, it will be able to increase the audience it addresses.

We are approaching the move to renew the iMac series, which was expected at the end of last year but dropped towards this year due to the pandemic. Apple M1 chipset and new design claims have now joined the claim of different color options.

Colorful iMac models
The new iMac series, which is expected to be introduced at the Spring event in March or at the WWDC 2021 event in June, brings many innovations. There will probably be new design and color options next to Apple Silicon.

Allegedly, the new iMac design approaches the metallic diagonal concept we saw with the iPad Pro and iPhone 12. The screen edges are also thinned and the iMac looks more compact and slim.

On the other hand, the color options are in line with the iPad Air. 5 different color options such as rose red, green, sky blue, traditional silver and space gray will be waiting for those who care about harmony.

Finally, the Apple M1 chip is now expected to be used in iMac. It is unclear whether this chip will be the Apple M1 or the more powerful Apple M1X chip, but if the new iMac is introduced early, we may not see the Apple chip.


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