Drawing its own path after the problems with Google, Huawei develops its own mobile systems and operating system. In this direction, while opening many applications and services, innovations continue to come without slowing down.



Accordingly, Huawei unveiled a brand new application at its annual conference. The application that comes with the name of My Huawei; Huawei Club will gather Huawei Mobile Services, Gamer Center and Member Center under one roof.

In this way, the application confusion on the phone will be eliminated, as well as reducing the memory usage in the background considerably and allowing a larger space for the user on the storage side.

Although My Huawei was recently announced, the signals of this application were given by the recently announced Honor V40. Even though Huawei and Honor have parted ways, we have seen the application named My Honor, which performs exactly the same task in the Honor V40, which can use Google services.

In addition to all these, Huawei announced its new technologies with a Chinese game at its annual conference. While using the ray tracing technology in the Huawei HMS Core Scene Kit, more realistic light and shadow effects can be produced on inanimate objects. Moreover, it promises higher frame rate while using lower amount of power for all of this.


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