The group Stray Kids burned their passion in the new music video location.

Stray Kids today (17th) at 6 p.m. release their first regular album’GO生’ (high school) and title song’神Menu’ (new menu) and spur their activities.

JYP Entertainment revealed the behind-the-scenes captured at the scene of the’God Menu’ music video, and raised the comeback D-DAY fever.

Stray Kids made people happy with a playful expression while holding cooking utensils used as music video props such as frying pans, whisks, and bowls.
Subsequently, the place was moved to a racing track that stretched out coolly, and a group photo was taken with a bright smile to draw attention.

On the other hand, when he entered the formal shooting, he showed off the charm of the reversal by showing a sword dance without error.

Eight members who raised expectations with just behind-the-scenes photos will be interested in what kind of fresh performance they will perform on stage.

Stray Kids’ new title song’God Menu’ is a song that shows the original meaning of the new menu and the meaning of God. It is a song written and composed by Stray Kids, which has a reputation for being a pioneer of the marathon genre.

The comeback showcase’Stray Kids’ (Stray Kids <Online Unveil: Suffering>) is broadcast live on Naver VLIVE and YouTube on the 17th of the 17th, the day of the comeback.

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