Chinese technology giant iQOO is now looking forward to introducing the highly anticipated iQOO 7 flagship. This phone, which will be officially introduced on January 11, will be the company’s first flagship to use the Snapdragon 888 chip.



As you know, the Snapdragon 888 chip was quite satisfactory in terms of performance. It demonstrated this success in various tests such as AnTuTu and Geekbench. However, we cannot help but say that it was disappointing at some points. Because the Snapdragon 888 Xiaomi Mi 11 is facing an overheating problem. As such, users seem to hesitate to buy phones that will be equipped with this chipset. However, iQOO has already managed to break these despair with its new flagship. Because the iQOO 7, which will be introduced in the coming days, will include 4K class pump cooling technology.


iQOO 7 will have a powerful heatsink

The iQOO 7, which will be equipped with the Snapdragon 888 just like the Mi 11, will come with a powerful cooling technology. According to the official announcement made by the company, this phone will feature a 4K-class pumped cooler. This technology, which has a wide heat dissipation function of 4096 mm², will provide the device with a feeling of coolness and will provide comfortable use for a long time. It will also minimize energy consumption.

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The reason why the iQOO 7 performed well in previous AnTuTu tests is entirely related to this. The cooler in the device minimizes the temperature of the device and ensures a good performance. This is what makes the iQOO 7 the AnTuTu champion.


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