Microsoft announced this week that it will make its Windows Autopilot program available for HoloLens 2 mixed reality glasses. Through it, companies can order devices and start configuring them even before receiving them, thus facilitating their installation and management, saving time and money . The service has been available for PCs since Windows version 1703.

The company illustrates the process in detail, in which interested companies must purchase the desired devices and then log into Microsoft Azure to begin the first steps. With Autopilot, equipment can be quickly configured without the need for an expert to interact individually with each device, for example. To take advantage of the novelty, it is necessary to be registered in the private preview.

HoloLens 2 hit the market in November last year, aimed at the business segment. The futuristic device works by mixing concepts of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, being extremely useful for certain sectors of the industry.

The device was well received, and there was even interest on the part of Airbus, an aircraft manufacturer, which entered into a partnership with the Redmond giant to use the glasses on its assembly line.

For the consumer market, the company announced new Surface line devices. In addition, the first Xbox 20/20 was held, an initiative that aims to hold monthly events to talk about the Xbox Series X and new generation titles. There was even a lot of movement in the company’s apps, with updates to the Microsoft Launcher Preview and the arrival of Microsoft Family Safety.


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