PlayStation 5 News: Don’t expect big changes to make her stand out


PlayStation 5 still cannot solve the supply problem of its two versions of consoles; however, a new model is about to be launched.

Don’t worry, this is not a more powerful edition or anything like that, but a new approach with minor changes that seek to make your life easier.

The PlayStation 5 will receive some changes for its digital model, and best of all, they will be available later this month.

According to Wccftech, Sony is about to launch a new edition of its digital console, which stands out for having a lower weight.

Unlike the original model of the PlayStation 5 without a Blu-ray drive, this design will weigh 300 grams less, in addition to including a new screw to adjust the base better.

Although it is not clear how they managed to achieve this decrease, some say that the size of the fan and the heat sink were modified, which were too large.

This new PlayStation 5 model is numbered CFI-1100B01, and will apparently begin shipping at the end of July.

Full details on this edition of Sony’s console remain a secret, but given the urgency of its launch they will surely be revealed in the coming days.

It is not known for sure what the distribution will be like, but its production does not guarantee that it will be easier to find in stores, so do not get too excited.

Sony has not mentioned anything officially, so the healthiest thing is to wait for a statement where they reveal all the details.

Could you already get a PlayStation 5? Tell us in the comments and let us know if you think a new edition is worth releasing so soon.


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