Steam Deck News: If MS Windows is installed on the Steam Deck, the console may be running Xbox Game Pass. Find out all the details about it


This week, Valve Corporation revealed a new portable console. It is the Steam Deck, a device that allows you to enjoy the games available on Steam. All thanks to its operating system, which is SteamOS, based on Linux.

That gives it great versatility, because this system can coexist without problems with others. That allows the installation of others, among which is MS Windows and leaves the door open to a possibility.

Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck

What do we mean? What happens is that by installing Microsoft’s system, theoretically, it is possible to have access to Xbox Game Pass for PC.

It is fully confirmed that the Steam Deck supports the installation of other operating systems. So technically there should be no problem mounting one with a dual boot. Ultimately, the console is actually a PC, and in this way it can be exploited by gamers.

By installing MS Windows you not only have access to Xbox Game Pass, but also to other stores, such as the Epic Games Store. Although in the latter case it will be necessary to see how the system would deal with handling games that are not adapted to work on a portable basis.

And from an operating system other than the SteamOS installed. Sure, a mouse or other peripheral may be attached to it, but that’s when mobility should be put aside.

It would need MS Windows to work

Steam Deck is clearly an open and portable platform. But installing an operating system like MS Windows, designed to work with a keyboard and mouse, would tie you down to its limitations.

Now, installing another system on a machine requires certain computer skills, and is difficult for those who do not have them. To that we must add that installing the Microsoft system will consume internal storage space, depending on the version.

If it is MS Windows 10, we are talking about 16 to 20GB. The basic Steam Deck comes with 64GB, so that’s something to keep in mind. In addition to the above, you have to see how Xbox Game Pass for PC runs on this device.

It is essential that you do not have performance problems in order to have as smooth a gaming experience as possible. The system will go on sale in December 2021, and reservations are already open.


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