Apple was also expected to introduce hardware products such as iMac and AirPods Studio at the WWDC 2020 (World Developers Conference 2020) event. But for experienced names Jon Prosser, Max Weinbach and Mark Gurman, these are just a dream. So why?

WWDC came on 2020. Now, when it shows 20:00 today, Apple CEO Tim Cook will be on the scene and then announce iOS 14 or iPhoneOS 14 according to rumors. The WWDC 2020 event, which is expected to be quite full of software, is expected to host the promotion of some hardware. We say it was envisioned because important names with this prediction changed the ideas significantly.


Let’s start with Jon Prosser. Prosser tweeted that Apple will not introduce a hardware product. Although Prosser favors Apple’s introduction of a hardware product by saying ‘I wish it would be wrong’, this does not seem to be true for now. Moreover, Mark Gurman, who works in Bloomberg and Max Weinbach, the successful writer of XDA Developers, agrees with Jon Prosser. The fact that all three names have the same opinion for the WWDC 2020 makes it very likely that Apple will devote the entire conference of developers this year to software.

Why did APPLE make such a decision?

The coronavirus outbreak hit the production line of companies. Apple was also affected by this coup. The fact that Apple, which still has a supply problem in some issues, comes on the scene with many hardware may cause even more problems in production. Especially, it seems the right decision for Apple not to introduce hardware nowadays, which is said to be a problem in sourcing parts for iPhone 12 series. But Apple might surprise us tonight.


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