Prior to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S21 flagships, it gave a presentation of the Exynos 2100 chip, which will form the basis of future devices. Working on AMD-supported Exynos processors was officially announced at this event, which was organized with the motto “Exynos is back”.



To be honest; Exynos chipsets are not particularly satisfying in terms of graphics performance. Users have problems playing games on Exynos processors. However, it seems that Samsung will fix this problem radically and be four or five steps ahead of its competitors.

It will take a while for Samsung to switch to the graphics unit made by AMD. We will see AMD-powered Exynos chipsets in the S22 family, which will likely be introduced in 2022. Maybe it’ll be a surprise and we’d be honored to see this graphics unit in the Note 21 family as well.

According to Samsung, the Exynos 2100 chipset will not upset users on the GPU side. The new GPU, which will provide an Adreno quality experience, will provide a smooth and smooth experience in mobile games.

“Our Exynos team is determined to create world-class mobile computing experiences by innovating the processors at the heart of today’s smart devices,” said Inyup Kang, Head of Systems LSI Division at Samsung Electronics. Today, we are delighted to introduce the Exynos 2100, our most advanced mobile processor ever. Equipped with powerful processing technologies and an advanced 5G modem in a power efficient 5nm process node; The Exynos 2100 will set a new standard for tomorrow’s flagship mobile devices. ” used the expressions.

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The Exynos 2100 is Samsung’s first mobile chipset with integrated 5G. The manufacturing process is based on the 5nm EUV process. Compared to previous generation products using 7nm process; The Exynos 2100 has 20 percent less power consumption and 10 percent higher overall performance.


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