The MacBook Pro has always been a symbol of reliability when it comes to notebooks. Many rumors say that a new Apple computer may arrive with ARM architecture next year. In addition, many information leakers, who have privileged access to what companies develop using their own methods, say a new screen size may arrive in 2021.

This news was signaled by the user @ L0vetodream on Twitter. He signaled that a 14 inch model could arrive in 2021, which would be very interesting, after all, at the moment only 13.3 and 16 inch models are available, with a very small or very large screen, according to the opinion of some users .

The statement makes sense because at the end of the day, the new generation of MacBooks did not make such a big leap in processing compared to 2019, so Apple could appeal to a new screen size it could be a way of showing a new product in 2021.

Other points that could signal a new larger generation would be, for example, the new screen of the 16-inch MacBook, which has much smaller edges, which are not present in the smaller model, but which could maintain the same body size, but with a 14 inch screen.

In addition, the user L0vetodream has already hit a lot on claims about other generations of the MacBook and user Jon Prosser even confirmed by replying to the Tweet saying “100%”, which means that the new generation is almost certain to really have a new size of screen.


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