Fishermen caught something interesting today. A container full of iPhone 12 was found in the middle of the sea. Apple didn’t even make a statement.


Today, we can say that the fishermen hit the jackpot. The fishermen, who found a container that fell into the sea during the storm, were shocked by what they saw when they opened the container. Because this container was filled to the brim with iPhone 12. After this event, which went viral on social media, eyes turned to Apple.

It is said that after the container incident, which was filled to the brim with iPhone 12, there was not the slightest explanation from the Apple front. It is also said that these products are not taken back from fishermen. So, will these iPhones work even though they are under the sea?

As you know, iPhones now have a waterproof certificate. We often see news on social media that it has been under water for so many days and still worked. Since the box of these models is not opened, it seems very likely to work. Even if the fishermen sell the products in the container as scrap, their lives are saved.


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