God of War, one of the most popular brands of PlayStation, was said to have been a series or movie project for a while. However, this rumor was denied by a report published in the New York Times.

God of War, published by Sony and developed by SIE Santa Monica Studio, is undoubtedly one of the most important brands of PlayStation at the moment. Currently the new game is in development. However, as you know, Sony has started adapting its games to TV series or movies for a while.

God of War is not adapted to a TV series or movie

The Last of Us series, Ghost of Tsushima movie, and Uncharted movie are just a few of these adaptations. Apart from the announcements, Sony stated that there are many projects that have not yet been announced. The biggest rumor on this subject was that an adaptation of God of War would come.

These rumors were not full, but the rumors still grew. A report was published in the New York Times in the past hours. According to the report, currently Sony is not working on a God of War adaptation. Many players had reacted since this rumor came up. Players do not really want the God of War adaptation because of fear of it being bad.


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