Printed circuit board with a processor and a bitcoin symbol. The concept of the mining of crypto-currency.

As a solution provider in the areas of cyber security and data privacy, BlackBerry announced today that BlackBerry Optics v2.5.1100 has been released with the detection of crypto mining and Cryptojacking for Intel-based commercial computers.

BlackBerry Optics Context Analysis Engine (CAE), which is used to detect malware, uses the telemetry of Intel Threat Detection Technology to prevent malicious access to computers. BlackBerry has partnered with Intel on this technology that effectively stops encryption. Thanks to this technology, it can detect any workload carried out on Windows 10 operating systems without any load on the processor of computers with more precise results and reduce encrypted attacks.

Cryptojacking means installing bad software on devices to pass the computing power of cryptocurrencies without users’ knowledge. Many encryption processes use small amounts of power from many different machines to create a pool of processing power. This situation causes an increase especially in ransom attacks.

Although hackers attack and change their strategy every day, security firms continue to develop their own software to prevent these attacks.

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