With an update for Windows 10, the problem with copy-paste formatting will be finally resolved.It is stated that an update to be offered by Microsoft for Windows 10 will eliminate the long-standing copy-paste formatting problem.

You have often experienced it, especially when copying text content from a web page, often the formatting is misaligned into the pasted document. The update will add a new option to the clipboard menu (Win + V) and allow users to paste unwanted formatting as plain text, overriding them.

After this innovation, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keyboard shortcuts are already used frequently, we can say that Win + V will come to the fore. This shortcut opens a clipboard menu that keeps a work journal of the material the user copied. From this menu that users can currently use, they can pin certain items to the clipboard for easy access or delete them completely. After this update, which is still under development, users will be able to use this menu to eliminate unwanted formatting oddities. The new Copy-paste feature may seem trivial, but we can’t go without saying that it plays a central role in many aspects of the computing experience.

Additionally, Microsoft is said to be working on an entirely new panel that will make it easy to add GIFs and emojis to chat apps. In this sense, users will be able to simplify the process by selecting materials through the in-menu search function, instead of searching for multimedia content online. Thus, you will quickly add color to your conversations with your friends.


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