The resulting Geekbench score demonstrated the performance of Intel’s Cypress Cove cores. It looks like Intel wants to regain the leadership.

The Mavi team could not respond to the competition conditions in the processor market in recent years as expected by the hardware world. Although it offers the fastest processor to the last generation with core / track, cache and frequency increases, the company pushed users to AMD with its high power consumption and price strategy.

Higher score despite low frequency
According to the shared Geekbench scores of the Core i7-11700K, the model is 8% ahead of the Ryzen 9 5950X in a single core. The Rocket Lake solution, which scored 1807/10673 points in single core and multi-core, respectively, operates at frequencies lower than the Core i7-10700K operating in the range of 3.8 / 5.1 GHz as of 3.6 / 5.0 GHz base / boost frequency.

In contrast, low frequencies did not prevent the early engineering example from taking the chip ahead. The difference of 33.95% in single core and 18.94% in multi-core to the processor that will replace the Core i7-11700K is promising for those who expect Rocket Lake.


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