Corning has reached its final development stage for display glass for use in foldable smartphones. The US-based company made a statement earlier this week, making it the future supplier of Samsung’s foldable smartphones.

Corning gets to work, the glass barrier in foldable phones will end

According to TheElec report, Corning’s launch of its own on-screen glass for foldable phones will increase competition with German-based Schott to supply these glasses to Samsung. According to a Corning spokesperson, the company is currently in the final stage of development of folding glass lid solutions. Mass production and commercialization will begin in 2021.

The company said it was testing the samples in September 2020 and plans to officially launch the screen glass within the next 12 months. Currently, Schott is the only supplier of substrate glass used in ultra-thin glass made by Samsung Electronics for its foldable smartphones. For the foldable OLED panel itself, Dowoo Insys, a subsidiary of Samsung Display, uses Corning’s glass.

The launch of Corning’s foldable display glass will lead to increased competition between Samsung Electronics and Samsung Display over the use of foldable glass. Currently, Samsung Display has signed an exclusive three-year purchase agreement with Schott for glass substrates. However, Samsung Electronics believes the exclusive contract will limit the chances of lowering the unit price of foldable display panels. It also plans to build its own supply chain by supplying glass substrates produced by Corning.


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