While the Corona virus affects many global events in the technology world, it continues to affect production. After the big technology companies closed their Chinese offices, some production facilities also stopped. Today, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared a report on the production of Apple. According to the report, the production of iPhone SE 2 may be delayed due to the corona virus.

Production of iPhone SE 2 may be delayed due to corona virus.

Almost all of the technology agenda is busy with the corona virus. While concerns about the activities of many companies in China are discussed, the mobile world economy continues to suffer a great deal.

Apple Analyst, known for its accurate leaks, reported in detail how the Ming-Chi Kuo corona virus would affect iPhone SE 2 production. In the report, it first confirmed that Foxconn’s Zhengzhou facility was built for the production of iPhone 11 and iPhone SE 2.

This facility was planned to continue production on 2 February under normal conditions, but another one week delay was made in the plan. The report stated that Foxconn’s factory in Shenzen is responsible for the development of 2020 iPhones. While the improvements were ongoing, the factory was merged together due to Chinese New Year holidays. However, it became clear that the facility will be closed after the holiday due to the corona.

Official statements announced that the facilities will start working on February 10, but the situation does not seem to be the case. While Apple analyst did not give clear figures in the report it shared, it predicted a 10 percent drop in shipments to be made in the first quarter of 2020. Although the Corona virus will not predict what other things will affect in China and globally, it has become certain that it will affect the economy in the technology world quite deeply.

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