Corona Virus Has Also Affected Samsung’s MWC Plan. The Mobile World Congress , one of the most important events in the technology world, is shaking up with new news every day.

The MWC 2020 event to be held in Barcelona faces a new corona virus delay. NVIDIA also hesitated about joining after LG and ZTE decided not to join MWC. According to some information revealed today, Samsung faces the corona virus barrier for MWC 2020 plans.

Corona virus barrier for Samsung MWC 2020 plans

The Corona virus continues to affect many events and plans globally. After LG and ZTE announced their decision not to join MWC, many different companies expressed their concerns about their MWC plans. After the latest NVIDIA announced its decision not to attend the event, another major company may postpone the MWC plan.

According to unofficial reports, many of Samsung’s top executives to join MWC have canceled their travel plans. Samsung is also considered not to attend the event. Even though there is no official explanation, MWC is losing blood every day.

MWC organizers, on the other hand, continue to work on the corona virus rapidly. The organizing team, which carried out some screening studies to reduce the chances of corona virus infections, also canceled the participation of all guests from the Hubei province of China, where the outbreak began.

In addition, with the rules arranged, visitors to the event must prove that they have not been in China in the last 14 days. While an official statement is expected by Samsung, it is spoken of the possibility of not having the MWC 2020 event after these disagreements. We will be sharing information about the process with you.

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