While the world was looking for ways to normalize post-virus, a Corona virus sensor was developed in the USA that could find its symptoms more easily.

The small band-sized sensor developed by Northwestern University and Shirley Ryan AbilityLab is used by sticking it to your throat.

How does the Corona virus sensor work?
The Corona virus sensor has been developed to enable the disease to detect before showing its symptoms. It is aimed to detect the disease that first affects the sense of taste in the throat area and especially thanks to the sensor.

This new sensor is glued to the throat area. The sensor, which does not have any cable or connection output, collects data such as breathing difficulties in the throat region and cough.

The sensor then transfers this data to a cloud system via a wireless device paired with iPad. The device that you place on this charger once a day, matches your data with the symptoms through the cloud system, which has a special artificial intelligence software.

The microphone is not used in the sensor to avoid any privacy concerns. Instead, there is a three-axis accelerometer with high bandwidth to capture breathing and coughing details and to measure the movement of the skin’s surface.

We will see later on how effective this newly developed sensor will be in virus detection.

It seems that the world, which has begun to normalize in particular, will continue the Corona virus fight until the vaccine is found. Do you think such sensors can work for early detection? We are waiting your comments.


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