First major focus of the coronavirus pandemic, China begins to test the new that will be the new normal. In the capital Beijing, schools were reopened – they had been closed since January – but with changes in the strategy to mitigate the effects of the disease.

There, students are expected, according to the Beijing Daily newspaper, to wear an electronic bracelet capable of issuing alerts in case of fever. The care takes into account the fear of a new outbreak, and shows how technology has helped the country to try to control the pandemic.

In China, there were officially 83,000 cases, with 4633 deaths. In April, China updated its figures on the coronavirus pandemic. The Asian country revised the death data by Covid-19 and added an additional 38.6% to the total number of deaths in the country.

During this period, classes were held online. The bracelets are capable of measuring students’ temperature in real time; parents and schools can monitor the status of children through a mobile application.

In case of abnormal body temperature, above 37 °, a signal is sent to teachers, who are instructed to call the police. Five districts in Beijing are testing the new feature

In addition, the distance between students and the use of a mask are mandatory in schools in the country. After controlling the pandemic, China registered 17 new cases on Monday, especially in the city of Wuhan, where the virus was originally discovered late last year.


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