While the number of new types of corona viruses (Covid-19) has exceeded 18 million 350 thousand worldwide, the loss of life has increased to 694 thousand 915 and the number of people recovered to 11 million 550 thousand 374.

According to the “Worldometer” website, the number of cases in the USA, the country most affected by the outbreak, increased to 4 million 832 thousand, and the loss of life to 158 thousand 562. The number of people recovered in the country has exceeded 2 million 389 thousand.

In Brazil, which is described as the epicenter of the epidemic in Latin America, the number of cases increased to 2 million 736 thousand and the loss of life to 94 thousand 226.

In India, the number of cases increased by 47 thousand 454 and reached 1 million 852 thousand 156, 38 thousand 969 people have lost their lives to date. 1 million 229 thousand 171 people recovered in the country.

While the number of cases in Russia increased to 856 thousand 264, loss of life increased by 79, and recorded as 14 thousand 207. 653 thousand 593 people recovered in the country.

In Spain, loss of life increased by 9 to 28 thousand 472, while the number of cases increased by 34 thousand and reached 344 thousand 134.

The number of cases in Iran increased to 312 thousand 35, loss of life to 17 thousand 405, 270 thousand 228 people recovered.

In England, the number of cases reached 305 thousand 623, 46 thousand 210 people died.

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In Italy, loss of life increased 12 to 35,166, the total number of cases reached 248,229, and the number of healed 200 thousand 589.

The demonstrations against the Covid-19 measures in the capital Berlin in Germany were criticized for not following the measures.

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stated that Israel is among the highest in the world in terms of the number of cases in the Covid-19 outbreak, and warned that the number of deaths may increase.

In Bolivia, due to the Covid-19 outbreak and the lack of distance education infrastructure, the education period closed 4 months earlier than normal.

Public transportation, which has stopped its activities with the rapid increase in the number of cases in the capital of Kazakhstan, Nur Sultan, started to work again from today.

In the West African country Gambia, Covid-19 was detected in the Ministers of Oil and Energy, Finance and Agriculture.

The airports, which were closed to international flights within the scope of the Covid-19 measures, started operating again in Somalia after 4 months.


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