The Japanese company announces a very peculiar promotion that will be active until May 25 at the Square Enix Store in the United States.

The coronavirus epidemic continues to be active worldwide, since the disease can only be definitively eradicated with a vaccine that is not yet available. Fortunately, the shortage of face masks in pharmacies seems to be over, at least in Spain. In none of these establishments will you find the mask that Square Enix gives when acquiring orders worth $ 100 in the company’s online store. “Increase your vitality + 1”, says the advertising message, found by ResetEra users.

The promotion is available in the United States and will run until May 25. As you can see, it is a very simple cloth mask in which you can read “Square Enix Members”. We do not know to what extent it will protect, but we are undoubtedly facing a most peculiar maneuver. In these uncertain times, the new normality contemplates going outside with a mask, something that months ago western society would not have imagined.

Releases in times of coronavirus
Square Enix has not stopped its launch machinery during the period of confinement that many countries are experiencing due to the coronavirus. Final Fantasy VII Remake, its great star game, went on sale on April 10. The Japanese company decided to keep the release date unchanged, although it took steps to ensure that physical copies arrived on time. Despite the unprecedented situation, they managed to sell 3.5 million copies in just 3 days.

The calendar still had one more game reserved in the bedroom. Trials of Mana, the revamped version of the classic, which was released on April 24. Furthermore, at a still distant date, Marvel’s Avengers prepares to receive the great heroes of the Marvel factory, now owned by Disney. It will be in September, so let’s hope that the circumstances are less adverse.


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