While the number of coronavirus cases has exceeded 33 million worldwide, the number of people who died has exceeded 1 million.

WHO says this number could rise to two before the widespread application of a vaccine to control the virus. While the drug and vaccine studies against coronavirus continue at full speed, a pleasing news came from WHO.


In this spooky picture, a news sprinkling water on hearts finally came from the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that with the distribution of millions of Covid-19 tests, which gave results in 15 to 30 minutes, all over the world, the pandemic could slow down in poor and wealthy countries and the lives of hundreds of thousands of people could be saved.

120 million rapid COVID-19 antibody tests produced by the two companies, thanks to the Acces to Covid-19 Tools (ACT) initiative, which brings together the world’s leading public and private institutions and some governments in health, the poor and middle-aged at $ 5 each or less. will be distributed to countries with income.

Healthcare professionals should read the results of the antibody test similar to the pregnancy test, which is understood by the appearance of two blue lines. One of the two tests serving this function was quickly approved by the WHO, and the other is expected to be approved soon.

These tests, which are fast and easy as well as provide high quality, ie very highly accurate results, can provide continuous and reliable testing of healthcare workers with high loss of life in many poor countries.


Wealthy countries, such as the UK, participating in the global initiative (ACT) on access to tools to combat COVID-19 will also be able to obtain these tests.

This is an initiative launched in March under the leadership of WHO, the European Union’s executive body, the European Commission, the Gates Foundation, and the government of France.

In return for the sales volume guarantee provided by the Gates Foundation, companies agree to give 20 percent of their total sales cheaply to poor and middle-income countries and cheap. 80 percent of the production goes to other countries.

For example, Germany ordered 20 million tests, France and Switzerland demanded millions. The UK government has also shown interest in accessing rapid tests, but has not placed an order yet.

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Currently, the government has invested in rapid antibody tests with classic tests produced in the UK, and both types of these tests give results in 90 minutes.

While the classical tests with saliva sample are being tried in Salford and Southampton, DnaNudge tests are currently used in hospitals, with the same method but with a slower result.


Rapid antibody tests approved by WHO are both faster and cheaper than all currently used. With these features, it is suitable for scanning in schools, universities and workplaces. Therefore, countries that take these tests will be able to make more massive scans.

Although the tests cannot detect all cases, they will be able to save lives by identifying and quarantining most people who carry the virus and have the potential to infect them before they realize they show symptoms and become sick.

WHO approved the test produced by SD BioSensor company from South Korea. The second test produced by the US company Abbot, also in South Korea, is expected to be approved very soon.


Catharina Boehme, CEO of the nonprofit foundation called Innovative New Diagnostics, one of the leading names in the global initiative to distribute millions of cheap and fast tests to the world, to ensure that poor and middle-income countries are not pushed aside in the race to buy, as soon as the first test trials arrive He explained that they ordered quantities upfront:

“We are seeing that the pressure on supply is increasing rapidly. Therefore, we had to give this assurance to firms about sales volume from the start. We had to ensure that low- and middle-income countries can get enough tests before other countries place their orders and run out of stock.

“Here we are delivering an unprecedented message of cooperation. Indeed, we have managed to show what can be achieved when the world’s and the world’s leading health actors come together for a common priority.”

The global initiative to ensure that these tests reach the poor and middle-income countries in sufficient numbers includes organizations such as the African Centers for Epidemic Disease Prevention and Control, the Clinton Health Access initiative, the Global Fund and the Unitaid.

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