Singapore scientists have developed a new test kit that can reduce processing time from 4 hours to 2 hours in detecting a new type of coronavirus. The new test kits, which will be produced at a cost close to standard PCR tests, are said to reduce the chances of technicians to be exposed to the virus.

According to the news of The Straits Times, Singapore scientists have developed a new COVID-19 test kit that can deliver results faster. With this new diagnostic kit, which reduces the processing time from four hours to approximately two hours, it is aimed to provide the necessary medical interventions to the patients with urgent conditions more quickly.

The correct standard polymerase chain reaction test kit, called ‘Resolute’, was developed in partnership with the DSO National Laboratories and Science, Technology and Research Agency (A * Star) and was made public on Saturday, July 18. The new kit promises to save both raw material and time by using components that are limited in supply during the outbreak.

The new kit reduces technicians’ chances of exposure to the virus:

Contrary to standard PCR tests, it is stated that Resolute tests, which disable the processing of swab samples taken from patients, can be carried out by newly started technicians in an environment with basic laboratory setup, and the possibility of exposure to new types of coronavirus will be reduced.

In PCR tests under normal conditions, a swab sample is taken from the patients’ nose and throat by a cotton swab, and then these samples are analyzed with a PCR device. This leads to a considerably longer duration.

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It will cost close to standard PCR tests:

As part of the strategic partnership signed between DSO and A * Star earlier this year, the cost of Resolute is expected to be at a level that can compete with standard PCR test kits. At this point, DSO official Ng Sock Hoon states that the new kit will save time as well as material and manpower costs.

Making a statement about the developed kit, A * Star General Manager Frederick Chew said that Resolute made a vital contribution to Singapore’s testing capacity. DSO CEO Cheong Chee Hoo stated that DSO has developed strategies to deal with new outbreaks.


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