Although the course of the coronavirus epidemic begins to decline in some regions, there are still areas where the severity of the epidemic is increasing. Nowadays, vaccination studies for coronavirus continue, new information has come from China. According to scientists’ statements, the coronavirus vaccine produced will have a 99 percent effect.

As we know from the previous process, companies, institutions and scientists from all over the world were working on coronavirus vaccines. In the past months, 5 institutions, including China-based CanSino Biologics, Oxford University and London-based Imperial College University, were already working for the coronavirus vaccine, and many of these studies were able to move on to the second phase in experiments. But strong claims about the coronavirus vaccine came from a company that was not among these 5 institutions.

Sinovac and Chinese scientists, a biopharmaceutical company that works on producing and distributing vaccines against Chinese-based infectious diseases, announced that they have developed the COVID-19 vaccine. In addition, Sinovac announced that they are in contact with some European countries as soon as possible. According to information from British news agencies, it was found out that the vaccine was in the second stage of clinical trials and that more than a thousand people volunteered in these clinical trials. Luo Baishan, one of the scientists working at Sinovac, said in a statement that “they are confident that the vaccine studied will be 99 percent successful”. The name of this vaccine and some details about the production development stages were also announced.

The vaccine will be called ‘Coronavac’:

According to other information from British news agencies, it is suggested that the vaccine, first tried on monkeys, protects monkeys from coronavirus. “Scientists at Sinovac Biyotek injected two different coronavirus vaccines in monkeys in experiments on 8 monkeys. There were no signs of infection in monkeys exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus approximately three weeks later.” were made statements.

In the continuation of his statements, Sinovac stated that the trial period of the vaccine will consist of three stages and that the vaccine should be tried on humans after monkeys. However, despite the positive developments and allegations, Sinovac officials said it is still too early to discuss about this vaccine and that they are still in contact with some European countries during the trial period of the vaccine.


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