Bloomberg explained that Russia has developed a coronavirus vaccine only for elite people and has hit this vaccine to several hundred people. Stating that the vaccinated people were under observation for 4 months, Bloomberg emphasizes that the data were not recorded and that this event was confirmed.

The coronavirus epidemic, which has emerged in Wuhan, China and has spread to the whole world and has turned into a pandemic, continues to spread at full speed. People comply with recommendations to protect against coronavirus, while experts continue to work to develop vaccines and drugs against coronavirus. As Webtekno team, we follow the developments related to coronavirus soon and transfer them to you.

In a news report we shared with you recently, we mentioned that a hacker group known to work for the Russian government has launched a cyber attack on Britain in order to obtain information about the coronavirus vaccine. Now we will talk about another news from Russia again. According to Bloomberg’s report, Russia used a coronavirus vaccine developed only for “elites” months ago.

According to the report in Bloomberg, Russia has made an experimental coronavirus vaccine developed by the Gamaleya National Epidemiology Research Center to billionaires and government officials, the total number of which is several. It was stated that the vaccination was done 4 months ago, the studies were legal, but these studies were hidden from the public. Even the data obtained from this experimental vaccine has not been officially recorded.

Sources explaining to Bloomberg state that the people with whom the experimental vaccine was given were kept under observation for 4 months. In other words, even though official records were not made, elite people of Russia were followed for a full 4 months after the vaccination. Some people allegedly complained of fever and muscle pain after vaccination.

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Elite names that have been vaccinated have been reached and even those who have been vaccinated have been confirmed. However, Bloomberg states that these people do not want their names to be shared and that is why they will not be announced. The only name known to have the vaccine in question is the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kiril Dimitriev. Dimitriev explained that he and his entire family had this vaccine.

It is not known how effective the coronavirus vaccine is stated to be made to the elites of Russia, but the country is not in a very good position in the examination with the coronavirus. If we accept that all of the announced data are real, 776 thousand 212 cases have been seen throughout Russia. Among these cases, 12 thousand 408 people died due to COVID-19.


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