Scientists will do an interesting coronavirus study in Germany. Scientists who will distribute various materials to the participants during a concert will thus try to understand how the coronavirus has spread. If the research gives the intended results, an important step will be taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

The coronavirus epidemic, which has destroyed our hopes since 2020, continues to spread at full speed. The number of cases has reached 15 million, and how the epidemic will be controlled is currently unknown. Experts are continuing to work on vaccines and drug treatments, as well as research on what can be done to reduce the spread of the virus.

According to a report in The Guardian, German scientists will do an interesting study on the coronavirus. Experts think they will understand what they can do to prevent the coronavirus from spreading in crowded environments. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the details of this study, which the Germans will participate.

Tim Benjko, one of the beloved singers of Germany, will hold a concert on August 22. The concert will be held in the city of Leipzig, will be held in a closed stadium. Scientists will conduct an experiment with the participants during this concert, where 4,000 people are expected to attend. In this experiment, it will be tried to understand how the rate of spread of coronavirus can be reduced. So how will this research take place?

According to the information obtained, scientists will provide contact monitoring devices and fluorescent antiseptics to anyone going to the concert. Contact tracking devices in the size of a matchbox will hang on the neck of those who come to the concert and will take various measurements in 5-second periods. These measurements will transmit signals that show how the person moves and the status of the distance from other people.

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The spread of the virus will be visualized

The fluorescent antiseptic that scientists will provide to the participants will show on which surfaces the virus spreads more. Participants will disinfect their hands with fluorescent antiseptics. Scientists will also try to visualize the spread of the coronavirus during this concert. Experts who will use smoke machines and aerosols plan to visualize the spread of the virus with the models created by computers.

How the research done by scientists will be concluded is currently unknown. Experts think that if all goes well, they will achieve their goals. If this research yields successful results, an important milestone in the coronavirus outbreak will be left behind. Experts will learn whether sports or cultural events can be organized in the future.


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