Microsoft has completely ended support for the Cortana mobile app on iOS and Android platforms.As of March 31, 2021, Microsoft announced the complete discontinuation of the Cortana mobile app for iOS and Android.

The app was first made available to users in November 2018 and was withdrawn from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store platforms in January last year. It is underlined that no support will be given for the application that works with all functions on both platforms.

Microsoft says the reminders and lists in the app are no longer available to users, according to the app’s support page. On the other hand, they will still be accessible through Cortana on Windows. Additionally, Cortana reminders, lists, and tasks are automatically synced with the Microsoft To-Do app available on both Android and iOS.

The full text of the statement is as follows:

“As we announced in July, we will soon end support for the Cortana app on Android and iOS as Cortana continues to evolve as a productivity assistant.

As of March 31, 2021, the Cortana content you create (such as reminders and lists) will no longer work in the Cortana mobile app, but can still be accessed via Cortana on Windows. Cortana reminders, lists, and tasks are also automatically synced with the Microsoft To Do app, which you can download to your phone for free.

After March 31, 2021, the Cortana mobile application on your phone will no longer be supported. ”

The mobile version of the application has been terminated due to a change in Microsoft’s strategy. The voice assistant will be integrated into the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity apps and remains the default voice assistant for Windows 10.


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