Microsoft taught personal assistant Cortana new skills in a new preview version of its operating system. The Windows 10 build 19613, already available to members of the Windows Insiders program, brought some improvements that make the service more complete.

The main novelty in the PC application is to incorporate “Bing Answers” and “Assistant Conversations” into Cortana itself in a series of regions, making it able to answer a series of new questions. This includes questions like “How is the weather?” and “What can you do?”, in addition to commands like “Convert an inch to centimeters”.

Previously, this was only available in the United States, but now it has reached several other regions, including Brazilian Portuguese. Australia, Canada, France, India and Mexico, among other countries, also received the appeal.

Heavy competition
This novelty was added in version 2.2004.1706.0 in Cortana – and could mean another step in the reformulation of the platform, which should be simpler in future versions of the operating system.

Remember that these features are already available in competitors of Cortana, such as Siri, from Apple, and Google Assistant, on Android. Windows 19 build 19613 still features a number of bug fixes and should soon be incorporated as an official update.

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