Many claims have been made about the identity of Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto to date. Who didn’t find it on that list: Adam Back, Hal Finney, Craig Wright (although not many believe it), Paul Le Roux, Jim Mccoy and many more. However, one of them was surprised by the recent developments and said, “I hope this is not it.” Squanch, one of the leading names in the local cryptocurrency community, also pointed out this issue on Twitter, and it became a highly controversial issue in the community.

That Name

The possibility of Nick Szabo being Satoshi, which was pointed out by Squanch, caused many people to be surprised, and in some people to be disappointed. According to Squanch, this name was Nick Szabo, and when he saw the analyst Szabo, he wished the real Satoshi was Adam Back.

Who is Nick Szabo?

Szabo, a computer scientist, writer, and former law professor at George Washington University, is neglected to be the creator of Bitcoin, especially since his name is the opposite of Satoshi Nakamoto (SN).

In the process that started with the black murder of George Floyd in the US, Nick Szabo also made racist tweets. For this reason, Szabo, who has gathered the reactions, gets criticism from the crypto community.

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“Whereas Satoshi Wand Sector”

Academician İsmail H. Polat, one of the veteran names of the sector, expressed his reaction by saying that he would leave the crypto money sector in the event of this possibility.

In the meantime, it should be noted that Nick Szabo has never claimed that he was Satoshi, he even denied it many times. Squanch said he is one of the opinion leaders of the crypto community, if not Szabo Satoshi, and said that this name is racist, anti-Islamic and anti-Turkish.


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