Xiaomi came out with the Mi 11 model in the last days of last year. Thinking that Huawei would lose its market share, Xiaomi wanted to get stronger by keeping his hand fast. Nowadays, when there are rumors that Xiaomi will introduce the Mi 11 Pro model very soon, a leak came from the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 model.



Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 is coming soon

The Mi Mix family, which has an iconic design of the Chinese company, has not come with revolutionary features for a long time. Probably, the new model will feature features such as an under-screen camera and a full screen. The phone, which we think will be powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset and 8 GB of RAM, will also attract attention with its camera setup.

It is unknown when the Mi Mix 4 will be introduced for now. However, according to estimates, we will be able to see this phone one month after the Mi 11 Pro model. Mi 11 Pro is expected to be introduced and available in February. Mi 11 Pro will show its difference from the main model with the camera setup and under-screen camera.

It is not yet known how Xiaomi, which will put all the hardware in the Pro model, will differentiate the Mi Mix model. It will probably add features that will excite the Chinese technology giant Mi Mix 4 to the phone. The phone, whose sales price is not yet known, will likely be in the $ 799 band. If Xiaomi changes the form of the phone and adds a foldable structure, this price can go up to $ 1,499. We’ll wait and see.


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