MIUI 13 News: The countdown has begun for Xiaomi’s highly anticipated MIUI 13 update. Beta tests are starting very soon. Here are the details.


Promising that it will solve the problems with MIUI 12 with MIUI 12.5, Xiaomi has also managed to win the hearts of users about innovation. While everyone was waiting for MIUI 12.5, good news came from Xiaomi about the MIUI 13 update today. In fact, recently, information about the MIUI 13 interface, which is expected to be released in August this year, has started to come. Today, the Beta dates of the new update have been leaked.

Unlike other phone manufacturers, Xiaomi is the only company that releases weekly beta versions of the current MIUI interface for some models. That’s why information about upcoming MIUI features and new devices is popping up or leaking on the Web every week before their official announcement.

MIUI 13 update will be tested

According to the latest data from Telegram channel Xiaomi & MIUI News; The latest beta version of MIUI 12 has been released today. Tomorrow, the first beta version of MIUI 13 will be released. Also, the source says that these beta tests will be officially open to the public for 1 week after July 16.

MIUI 13 is expected to work with computers, tablets and TVs. After Huawei, which created an ecosystem with HarmonyOS 2.0, other Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is expected to establish such an ecosystem. However, for now, it is not known how the Chinese technology giant will set up a system and how the devices will interact.

As Xiaomi will establish its own ecosystem, the number of devices that MIUI 13 will cover may be somewhat limited. That’s why it is said that 3-4 years old Xiaomi and features Redmi models will not receive the update. Let’s see if Xiaomi can surprise and expand the scope of the update like iOS 15.


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