Bitcoin News: Interest in cryptocurrencies continues at full throttle. In this fury, the countries that turned the corner with Bitcoin were announced.


Cryptocurrencies have been on the rise recently. With the support of famous names such as Elon Musk, this market, which swelled up, managed to make millions of people smile. The lives of many people in our country have changed with the revenues obtained from Bitcoin and other coin units.

However, sometimes we have not encountered cases of losing Bitcoin and selling it while at a loss and committing suicide. We can say that these fluctuations in the crypto money market, which came out and fell with the words of a person without parameters, made the countries rich. At least, the revenues from Bitcoin for 2020 show this.

Research firm Chainalysis has announced how much each country earned from cryptocurrency in 2020. According to this list, America ranks first with 4.1 billion dollars. China is in second place with a huge margin of 1.1 billion dollars. Germany ranks 6th with 600 million dollars.

Let’s say that the graphics card market has taken its toll because of crypto currency mining. Graphics cards, which will be sold for $ 1,000 under normal conditions, are currently sold between $ 2,500 – $ 4,000, due to the melting of stocks by crypto currency miners. We hope that the Nvidia front will put an end to this nonsense and will not allow the graphics cards produced for the game to be used for mining.

Countries around the corner with Bitcoin

  1. USA: $4.1 billion
  2. China: $1.1 billion
  3. Japan: $900 million
  4. United Kingdom: $800 million
  5. Russia: 600 million dollars
  6. Germany: 600 million dollars
  7. France: 600 million dollars
  8. Spain: 500 million dollars
  9. South Korea: $400 million
  10. Ukraine: 400 million dollars
  11. Netherlands: 400 million dollars
  12. Canada: $400 million
  13. Vietnam: 400 million dollars
  14. Turkey: 300 million dollars
  15. Italy: $300 million
  16. Brazil: $300 million
  17. Czech Republic: $300 million
  18. India: $200 million
  19. Australia: $200 million
  20. Poland: $200 million
  21. Argentina: $200 million
  22. Switzerland: $200 million
  23. Taiwan: $200 million
  24. Belgium: $200 million
  25. Thailand: $200 million


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