The Supreme Court blocked the US President Donald Trump’s step to end the program “Deferred Action for Children (DACA)”, launched in the period of former President Barack Obama, ensuring hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants remain in the country.

According to the decision taken by the Supreme Court with 5 votes against 4, the DACA Program will continue exactly.

The court ruled that the Trump administration failed to provide sufficient justification under federal law to end the DACA Program.

Reaction to the court’s decision from Trump

US President Trump reacted to Twitter to the Supreme Court’s DACA decision.

“The terrible and political decisions made by the Supreme Court are bullets on the face of people who identify themselves as Republicans or Conservatives. We need more justice.” Using his statements, he called for a vote in the elections on 3 November.

“Have you got the impression that the Supreme Court doesn’t like me?” Trump said. asked.

DACA protects 700,000 illegal immigrants from deportation

Trump, who signed the decision to regulate their legal status or leave the country by approximately 700 thousand young people, most of whom are Latin originated under the law known as “DACA” in the USA until 5 March 2018, for those who fulfill certain conditions in their subsequent statements. He stated that he would be provided with citizenship.

The DACA Program was brought in 2012 by the US President, Barack Obama, and they were given two years of work permits and legal opportunities. The Trump administration, claiming that this decision was unconstitutional, announced that it had decided to end the program in September 2017, while San Francisco Federal District Judge William Alsup stopped execution of the decision last week.

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The Ministry of Internal Security also reported that, following the court’s decision, they did not perform any deportation at this stage and that the 2-year permits of the people under the DACA Program continued to be extended.


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