CRAVITY became the next K-Pop idol who was challenged to sing in Indonesian.

In the latest episode ‘TRANSONGLATION’ uploaded on the YouTube ROLLING channel, CRAVITY members are challenged to sing ‘Break All The Rules’ in Indonesian, Filipino and Thai.

CRAVITY is a rookie boy group from Starship Entertainment, who just made their debut by releasing the song ‘Break All The Rules’.

For the sake of getting snack prizes from all three countries, CRAVITY members tried hard to sing the lyrics to the song ‘Break All The Rules’ which had been translated into three languages.

The three CRAVITY members chosen to sing lyrics in Indonesian are Woobin, Hyeongjun and Allen.

What do you think about the actions and excitement of CRAVITY members when singing ‘Break All The Rules’ in three languages? Immediately, watch the video below!


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