CRAVITY, which debuted in April, is a 9-member group under the Starship Entertainment label, being the agency’s new boy group after MONSTA X.

Members of the rookie group include Song Hyeongjun, Kang Minhee, Ham Wonjin, and Koo Jungmo, who became popular due to their appearance on Mnet’s ‘Produce X 101’.

Starship Entertainment previously announced the release of CRAVITY’s third mini album, ‘Season 3 – Hideout: Be Our Voice,’ which continues the CRAVITY ‘Hideout’ series.

According to the schedule below, LUVITY can now look forward to a teaser movie on December 27, while their album and music video will be released on January 19, 2021.

Now Starship Entertainment has revealed the new promotions schedule that CRAVITY will have for this new comeback with Season 3 – Hideout: Be Our Voice.


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