We have reported the interest of famous singer and songwriter Emre Aydın in crypto money and blockchain technology in our previous articles. Emre Aydın makes some remarkable issues about Bitcoin from time to time and is followed with interest by the local cryptocurrency community. One of the last tweets of Aydın has given the crypto money community lively moments again.

Emre Aydın’s “Dip 2730” stating the level he hopes to see in Bitcoin has brought colorful moments to the local crypto community. While making comments such as “It can’t be impossible,” some of his followers Emre Aydın said, “I think he is talking about S&P 500”, thinking that the singer may not have talked about Bitcoin. However, Aydın made it clear that he was talking about Bitcoin.

Other famous names of the crypto money community were quick to reply to Aydın’s tweet. Crypto Kemal, an analyst and founder of Ninja Traders, who is one of the popular names of the local crypto community, responded to Aydın’s tweet with a humorous language:

One of the leading analysts of the cryptocurrency community. Hardfork said:

“It finds buyers even at 8800. 2730s dream ”

“Emre Aydın: Bearish”

Another prominent name of the cryptocurrency community, Squanch, could not hide his astonishment by quoting Aydın’s tweet and gave such a reaction.


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