Smart phones, laptops and their quantities… All of them have become indispensable devices of our lives. No matter how advanced the technology is, we still face the problem of cable charging, especially on phones. Although new technologies like wireless charging, fast charging are developing, many people still charge their phones or computers in a “wired” way. The product called SuperCalla is developed to solve this problem. The self-winding charging cable is very practical.

Self-winding charging cable looks pretty good
The charging cable, which has a self-magnetic design, bends without twisting together, offers a very practical use.

In addition, there is a wear caused by the crimping of the cables in long use. SuperCalla, which will minimize the wear, is now a Kickstarter project and has received a $ 900,000 donation with 20,000 supporters in a short time (support is constantly increasing).

The most important feature of the product is that it extends the life of cable charging systems. In this way, your cable does not shatter due to curl after a certain use. The self-winding charging cable not only eliminates the cable problem but also conquers the hearts with its stylish appearance.

Let’s say that this product, which comes up with two different color options, comes in 5 different connection types in addition to the USB-C output.

The price tag of the product, which will be sold with black and white color options, is also very attractive: $ 19. It is seen that the product will remain on the crowdfunding platform for 15 days, after which the orders will begin and will be delivered to the users.


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