After an interesting career as a journalist and radio announcer, Charlie Brooker has achieved world fame as the creator of the acclaimed cult series “Black Mirror”.

The Channel 4 anthology series (and later purchased by Netflix), tells in each episode a different story where technology or society putting pressure on the individual are the central themes.

Recently, Brooker has dashed fans’ hopes of seeing a sixth season of the series soon, claiming he doesn’t feel like working on it, or at least not for now.

During an interview with The Radio Times in the UK, the show’s creator admitted not working on any episode of the series, suggesting that the Covid-19 crisis has suppressed all of his desire to return to the show.

“I’ve been busy doing things. I don’t know what I can say about what I have and have not done, ”says Brooker.

“I am reviewing my repertoire of comic ability, so I have been writing scripts with the intention of making me laugh,” he concluded.


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