After the 285 million transfers carried out in XRP, Plus Token, which has become popular in Bitcoin and Ether, came out. This confirmed that Plus Token’s accounts, which were suggested as the reason for the fall in Bitcoin price last year, are still alive.

Two noteworthy large transactions on XRP were carried out the previous day. 150 million XRPs were transported in one of these transactions and 134.8 million in the other.

A total of 285 million XRP at current prices exceeds $ 53 million today in dollars. According to the data on the website Bithomb, which is used to monitor transactions in XRP, the wallet that performs the transactions is associated with the China-based crypto money fraud Plus Token, which was closed in 2019. On Bithomp, this wallet is listed with a warning. It has been determined that 484 million XRP (approximately $ 92 million) entered the wallet created in August 2019.

In the wallet (rspasc…), where 134.8 million XRP was transferred, there has been no other movement since the previous day. Transactions continued in the other wallet (rpWBKh…) where 150 million XRP was transferred. On the same day, 14 million XRPs were sent to three wallets in three different transactions. Today, a total of 7.5 million XRP has been transferred to two different wallets.

Plus Token: The biggest crypto money fraud

Plus Token was a crypto money fraud that attracted investors with a high and guaranteed profit valley. The resulting figures are so large that they are expressed in billions of dollars. It is claimed that gang members earn $ 3 billion in revenue from many victims. Even BitConnect fraud, which has left its mark on a period, is the kind that can stay in the shadow of Plus Token.

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Last year, Bitcoin and Ether transfers were seen from many wallets associated with Plus Token. Some of the analysts tied some of the decreases in Bitcoin and crypto money prices to Plus Token.


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