Samsung posted a change log detailing the January 2021 security patch about a bug affecting the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra models. There have been updates on nine critical issues, including the bug affecting fingerprint readers.


Samsung stated that there is an error on the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra models that trick the fingerprint readers into causing a false positive reading. He also stated that the error in question was not caused by hackers, but by screen savers. With the patch in question, the error will be fixed in a short time.

Similar issues affected Galaxy Note 10 Galaxy S10 users. The January 2021 security patch has been rolled out to Galaxy Note 20 models. It may take several weeks for it to reach all models globally. However, we recommend that you manually check for updates on your phone.

Not all screen savers will cause this problem, of course. Although there was no clear information from the company on this issue, the importance of traditional methods such as PIN and pattern still being required in addition to fingerprints was emphasized. More precisely, fingerprint readers positioned under the screen will have less or no such problems in the near future. However, I think such errors will not change the fact that there is still one of the reliable security methods.


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