Polygon announced that they have integrated Blockchain datasets into Google’s BigQuery service to provide the correct Blockchain data for the protocol.



Polygon will harness the power of Google

The Ethereum layer-2 solution Polygon, formerly known as Matic Network, has officially announced today that Blockchain data sets are integrated into Google Cloud. With this new move, the protocol aims to give developers, data analysts and crypto enthusiasts a better understanding of the Polygon Blockchain.

Google’s BigQuery service will enable querying and in-depth analysis of Polygon’s data on the Blockchain in a simple and streamlined manner using Google Cloud Platform.

What is Google Cloud Platform and Google BigQuery?

Google Cloud Platform; Google’s Gmail, Google Search, etc. It is a package of cloud computing services running on the same infrastructure used internally for end user products.

Google BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable data store hosted by Google Cloud.

Why is this move important to Polygon?

The listing of Polygon datasets on the Google Cloud Marketplace will enable monitoring of Polygon’s GAS charges, smart contract calls and activities over time. It will also open up new possibilities for SDKs such as Polygon SDK, such as multi-chain analysis, integration with traditional financial record processing systems. In the meantime, the most active tokens, contracts and dapps in Polygon can be identified and tracked.

As part of these, Google Cloud and Polygon will be holding a DLT Analytics Competition to showcase Polygon’s up to $ 20,000 award-winning utility.

“This will be a huge step forward to analyze and gain insight into the ~ 6M txns / day happening at Polygon,” he said in a press release on the subject. We will have come a long way in growing and building the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems. ” statement was included.

Earlier this week, Polygon released the first version of its SDK network to allow developers to deploy ETH-compliant Blockchains using the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The launch marks the beginning of Ethereum’s transition to a multi-chain ecosystem.


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