Recently, there was a rumor that we are used to hearing. Microsoft announced that it was official with the decision about Cortana.


Microsoft has already indicated with its actions that it has drawn a different plan for Cortana. For example, with the findings obtained in November 2019 and the announcements made in June 2020, we learned that the application will be redesigned for Microsoft 365 office applications. Cortana with voice assistant functionality will now offer this functionality for office applications only. So what happened to the Android and iOS side?


Microsoft Orders Closing For Cortana!

The application will no longer be available on Android and iOS devices. Well, we didn’t expect it to have functionality like Siri or a high-end challenge with the Google Assistant. Despite this, he was an assistant who managed to satisfy his user base. Microsoft announced that the voice assistant will continue to work for Windows 10. So this decision is only about the mobile side.

It was announced by Microsoft that the voice assistant was closed to use on mobile devices as of yesterday (Wednesday, March 31, 2021). In the rest of the sentences, we learned that the Lists and Reminders features are no longer available on mobile devices via Cortana. The same Reminders and Lists will be available on Windows 10, and Microsoft To Do apps will still be available on mobile platforms.

As you can see, we will no longer hear the Cortana name on mobile devices. As we mentioned, it may not have many users, but it must be admitted that it has its own audience. We hope that new alternatives will come out that can fulfill the role of voice assistant and they will make our lives easier with what they offer us.


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