As the Mobile World Congress event is approaching, after the big companies such as Amazon, LG, Nvidia and Sony, who announced that they would not participate in the organization, the meeting decision was made for MWC 2020. The GSM Association, which consists of operator companies, will determine the fate of the event. The date of the meeting was also certain.

The date of the meeting to be held for MWC 2020 has been determined
GSMA will hold a meeting on February 14 for the event that many companies have stopped attending due to the corona virus epidemic. After the meeting to be held, the fate of the Mobile World Congress will be determined. It is also claimed that the event could be postponed as a result of this meeting.

On the other hand, for the corona virus that disturbed the participants, organizers have recently announced some of the measures they have taken. At the event, the precautions were mentioned such that the microphone will be replaced after each speaker, and the cleaning of the sinks will be paid more attention than ever.

A remarkable warning was made to the participants. It was stated at the event that the participants should not shake hands with each other.

However, the participating companies will not convince these measures that the number of companies that decided not to participate in the event continued to increase after these statements. Therefore, GSMA has decided to hold a meeting for the organization.

Mobile World Congress; If there were no changes, it would start on Friday, February 24 and end on Thursday, February 27 in Barcelona. What will be the final decision for the big event where mobile technologies are introduced will become clear after the meeting that will take place in the coming days.

Companies that do not attend the organization are expected to introduce their new smartphones under a different event.

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