Windows 10 News: Microsoft came up with the critical Windows 10 update. If you have Windows 10, you must install this update.


As you know, Microsoft occasionally releases updates when software vulnerabilities are discovered in Windows 10. The software giant also came out with the Windows 10 update today. It has rolled out the KB5004945 emergency security update to fix the PrintNightmare zero-day vulnerability in the Windows Print Spooler service. You should definitely install this critical update.

Critical vulnerability is closed with Windows 10 update

Codenamed “CVE-2021-34527”, this vulnerability also affects all versions of Windows up to and including Windows 7. This vulnerability allows attackers to gain access to affected servers via remote code execution (RCE) with system privileges. Through this access, attackers can install programs, view, modify or delete data, and create new accounts with full user rights, RCE said.

Because the vulnerability is quite serious, Microsoft released the patch outside of its normal monthly security update cycle. One thing to note is that the update fixes the RCE vulnerability, but not the local privilege escalation (LPE) vector. Presumably, Microsoft will release an update for this vulnerability soon.

To update Windows 10, select the start button and open Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. By installing the update, you can close security vulnerabilities and have a safer experience. It is useful to install all the updates that Microsoft has released in the meantime. We hope Windows 11 does not experience such critical vulnerabilities and updates are only offered for innovation.


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