Samsung Galaxy S21 users, your eyes are enlightened. Finally, an update has been released for the annoying camera problem in the series.


With the updates it has released for the Ultra model in the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung has brought the camera shooting quality to a much better point. Although the phone did not win the favor of DxOMark, it proved to be one of the best in its segment in benchmarks made by independent users. Now let’s come to an annoying development in the camera application from the very beginning and the fix update released for it.

New Update For Samsung Galaxy S21 Series

Especially if you are using the Galaxy S21 Ultra, the delays that occur when switching between cameras and shooting modes are quite annoying. Many Galaxy S21 Ultra users are talking about tangible delays when switching between the main and zoom cameras, zooming in and out of a scene, or switching between camera shooting modes.

Fortunately, Samsung has released the update that eliminates these delays. The update, which was released in South Korea the other day, is now distributed globally. The new update is rolling out gradually and will soon reach all S21 series users. If you are using any phone in the series, you can also query the update containing the June security fixes from the Settings menu.

We’re curious about your experiences, especially on the camera side, after installing the update. Let’s see to what extent Samsung has been able to eliminate these delays.


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