The details of the case that will determine Ripple’s fate continue to become clear day by day. Many xrp investors are also curious about the course of this case.

Although XRP, which has been on the rise in recent days, has given some comfort to its investors, the presence of people who have suffered greater losses still continues.

As you know, the SEC, the institution that oversees the stock exchange in America, filed a lawsuit against ripple. The preliminary hearing of the case will be on February 22. As this date approaches, comments and details about the case begin to come to light.

Today, the comments of the agencies are quite remarkable and critical. Hester Peirce, one of the SEC members, made important statements:

“For me, enforcing is not the best way to make a regulation. Everyone’s opinion is different, I do not have to agree with my colleagues. For the case to be concluded in favor, three of the five members must vote in favor, otherwise the case may be extended and resolved in court. ”

Besides, a reminder was given to the SEC member. In 2015, the US Financial Crimes Unit recognized XRP as a digital currency. The member was asked whether the separation of the SEC and the unit would not create a conflict in this regard. Peirce said that the rules followed by each board are different and it is normal for such differences to occur.

Furthermore, Peirce said in the direction of crypto regulation in 2021: “Many things will depend on who is under President Biden and this will help determine the direction in which the Commission will tackle many issues,” Peirce also said, “ “It has done a great job of dating and set clear boundaries for crypto, and other countries are much faster to do so.”


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