While Bitcoin was trying to get over $ 42 thousand, it reached the level of 30 thousand dollars when two news about financial institutions and then mining came from China.

While the crypto money market, which had to struggle with the irresponsible manipulations of Elon Musk recently, was about to straighten its waist, this time China stepped in. Bitcoin went to the bottom with two important news.

How much is the bitcoin price?

With the manipulation of Elon Musk, Bitcoin, which was very difficult to recover from the bottom, started to push the $ 42,000 level and showed signs of rise, this time Chinese manipulation came. With two separate reports, Bitcoin was almost falling below the $ 30,000 level.

At noon yesterday, a warning was made that Chinese financial institutions should stay away from cryptocurrency payments. At that time, Bitcoin, which exceeded 42 thousand dollars, suddenly fell to 36 thousand dollars. It was revealed that the same warning had been made before, this time, the rise started towards the level of 39 thousand dollars.

Late in the night, China once again stepped in and it was shared that Bitcoin mining should be restricted. Again, Bitcoin dropped to $ 33,000 levels. And again, when it was understood that this warning was on the agenda before, Bitcoin recovered to the level of 30 thousand dollars.

With the news that Elon Musk bought Bitcoin when he was already at the level of $ 24,000, he created perhaps the longest trading chart candle in his history and exploded. In other words, since he came out with manipulation, he landed with manipulation again. Unless the crypto market matures, it looks like it will succumb to such manipulations.


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